Lilly & Company is a real estate investment and advisory firm specializing in the manufactured housing industry.  Founded in 2007 by Jefferson Lilly, we began by investing our own capital in a single mobile home park community, improving its management, infrastructure, and marketing, and generated investment returns in excess of 20% annually.  We are actively raising money and acquiring properties now through our new partnership - Park Avenue Partners.  Please also subscribe to our Mobile Home Park Investors podcast, and join our LinkedIn group of the same name; details of both may be found here.

Our goal was, and is to this day, to create win-win investments for all parties involved with our properties.  The residents of our mobile home parks benefit from being given a path to home ownership they might not otherwise have.  The neighbors of our communities are benefited by having responsible management operate the property.  And our investors receive superior tax-advantaged investment returns from a relatively low-risk real estate niche.

If you have a mobile home park for sale, or would like to consider investing with us in our next acquisition, please contact us.  All brokers and introducing parties will be protected.